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EFA Skillshare, Brussels, December 2012


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Changes to Financial Action Task Force policy applauded

The Global NPO Coalition on FATF has applauded an update by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to its counter-terrorism recommendation on nonprofit organisations. Read more.





uk charities fear impact of brexit

The UK charity sector has raised concerns about the negative impact of the Brexit vote, which saw 52 per cent of the nation opt to leave the EU in a shock referendum result that appeared to surprise none more than the Brits themselves. Read more.






IFC to focus on questions that lead to transformational change 

This year’s International Fundraising Congress (IFC) will challenge delegates to rethink the way their organisations fulfil their missions. The programme is designed to help change-makers think beyond fundraising toward a more complex and holistic relationship with donors and other supporters. Read more.






EXPERT VIEW: challenges remain but cross-border giving is getting easier 

Europe is becoming more and more receptive to cross-border philanthropy. Jérémie Maes, Network Manager at Transnational Giving Europe, looks at both the challenges and opportunities of the current transnational giving environment. Read more.










YOUR VOICE: uk fundraising in better place but restoring trust will take time

The past year has seen significant changes to UK fundraising standards and a new Fundraising Regulator, but is it enough to restore public trust after the media scandals of 2015? Fundraising Europe interviews Peter Lewis, chief executive of the Institute of Fundraising (IoF), about the changes to the fundraising landscape over the past year. Read more.






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