Nonprofit Tech for Good has published its first Global Trends in Giving Report, which questioned over 4,000 donors in 94 countries and six continents to provide an insight into donors’ giving habits and preferences worldwide.


The 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report was researched by Nonprofit Tech for Good and sponsored by the Public Interest Registry. It questioned 4,084 donors overall, including 390 donors from across Europe (predominately from the UK, Spain and Italy).


The findings reveal that in Europe, as globally, the majority of donors are female (66% compared to 73% worldwide), 39% are Generation X (born between 1965 and 1980). and 70% are ideologically liberal.


Giving preferences & the role of social media

According to the report, European donors also prefer to give online with 57% of European survey participants donating this way, followed by direct mail (14%) and via fundraising events (12%). Social media is the channel that most inspires to give (29% of participants), followed by fundraising events (22%) and email (18%). The social media channels that work the best in inspiring giving are Facebook (59%), Twitter (21%) and Instagram (9%)


Across all the countries surveyed, European donors are the least likely to attend fundraising events (at 38%) and have a low volunteer participation rate relative to other regions at 64%. They are however generous both financially and as volunteers, but less interested in interacting with their favourite charitable organisations.


Popular causes

62% of European donors give to not-for-profits and NGOs located outside of their own country, and, overall, give the most to international development organisations, especially those working in India, Syria, and Uganda. The top three causes donated to by European donors are children and youth (15%), human & civil rights (13%) and international development (12%), with European Gen Xers giving more to human and civil rights (23%), animals and the environment (20%), and international development (19%) than any other Gen X donors worldwide.


The wider picture

Overall, 91.4% had donated in the past year. 45% of donors worldwide give to nonprofit organisations and NGOs outside of their country of residence, with the majority of donors preferring to give online (61%), and 54% participating in a regular giving programme. Worldwide, donors are most inspired to give by social media (25%) – particularly by Facebook, fundraising events (25%) and email (21%).


Cause-wise, the top choice for both male and female donors worldwide was children and youth, with both supported by 13% of respondents. Religious services / faith came second, supported by 10.4%, followed by human services, and then animals at 9.5% and 9.2% respectively.