Dutch agency N=5 has created a contactless payment jacket that enables people to give a euro to the homeless without handing over any cash. 


The 'Helping Heart' jacket, a winter coat that is fitted with an LCD screen and contactless payment functionality, is currently being tested in Amsterdam. The LCD screen instructs people what to do; holding their card over the coat’s front pocket to donate one euro to its wearer.


Money is directed to the wearer's designated account, which is managed by a homeless shelter. The wearer can then redeem donations for food or a night’s stay, or save the money towards vocational training or housing opportunities.


The jacket was designed to make it easier for people to help the homeless and to provide a way to overcome concerns about how any cash donation might be used.


If this pilot study is successful, it is hoped that the jackets will be made available across the city and further afield.


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