A consortium of 89 Dutch charities has launched toegift, a campaign aimed at making legacy giving an easier topic of conversation in the country.


The campaign follows a report by research agency The Choice, which shows that while two thirds of the Dutch are considering leaving a legacy to charity, conversations around the subject are still considered too difficult by many. Of those questioned, 28% considered it too personal a subject to discuss with family and friends.


The Choice surveyed more than 1,500 people aged 30 and over on legacy giving. It found that the Dutch are socially committed with four out of five active as a volunteer and/or donor and most (64%) considering leaving a gift in their will. According to the research, the majority wish to leave a legacy because they think a charity’s work is important (74%), or ‘think it is a beautiful idea’ (58%) that their ideals are continued. The lack of inheritance tax when leaving money to charity is also an influencing factor for 33%.


Mischa Stubenitsky, spokesperson for the cooperating charities, said: “We see an increasing number of people leaving a part of their estate to charity. It is a special way of continuing what you think is important during your life when you are not here any more.”


Figures show that gifts in Wills are now a significant source of funds for major Dutch charities. In 2015, the 100 largest charities received €270m in legacy income, representing 23% of their fundraising income and 10% of total income, according to Legacy Foresight. However, its figures also show that the number of people open to the idea of writing a charitable will is currently low with just 4% having written a charitable will, and another 13% considering doing so in the future.


To help inspire and encourage more legacy conversations, eighty-nine charities came together to launch a public campaign on the subject on 20th November 2017, supported by Goede Doelen Nederland. Through a television commercial, an online advertising campaign and the website toegift.nl, the campaign aims to inspire people to discuss their motives and wishes regarding their estate with family and friends. The group includes both national and international charities covering a wide range of causes such as health, international cooperation, environmental, welfare, culture, and animal rights.